Sunday, June 20, 2010

dad's day

this is my dad. i thought he'd be around forever. but we always think that about our dad's, don't we? or our parents in general? we believe they're invincible? they'll always be there for us just because? at least that's what i thought. i never imagined my life without him.

growing up i was the youngest of six and thought i was a princess. i don't think i ever told anyone that...i just thought it in my head. and because of it, therefore, believed i was daddy's little girl. grew up practically breathing the mantra of "i'm daddy's little girl." i remember dad reading to me, sitting on his lap - him teaching me to tell time with this little paper clock, smelling his old spice aftershave. ahhhhhh.....those were the days. i will never forget.

i remember dad teaching me to ride my bike and the moment he let go; i was on my own coasting down the road with him cheering me on. when i skidded to a fall, he was there to pick me up. while dad was throwing footballs and baseballs with my brothers, he didn't hesitate to take me to my first dance. it was at the american legion - the father daughter dance. we did that every year. he always made me feel so special even though he was a man of few words. i will never forget.

as i grew up, dad taught me to enjoy golf of all things. i found if i wanted to spend time with him, i needed to soak up those things he liked and golf was one. he would spend sunday afternoons watching the game so i settled in and started learning. we bonded during those times and then later after i moved, it was always a point of conversation for us because i'd watch the tournaments to see what was going on. same with football and baseball. go figure. dad was also the one i turned to with car trouble when i didn't know what to do. i could always count on him to answer those questions that puzzled me. with all these things, i will never forget.

i remember saying after daddy was taken so unexpectedly, "i will never be a daddy's girl again." i realize now that is not true. i will always be daddy's little girl. that doesn't go away just because my daddy is no longer on this earth. just as i have dad's memory with me all the things that comprised my being his little girl are still there.

on this father's day, i remember fondly all the many loving acts dad exhibited during his time with me and our family. i will treasure those moments forever. although i miss him every day, i also realize how blessed we are to have had him for as long as we did. i will never forget.

happy day.....

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