Tuesday, June 15, 2010

creative artwork

aren't these amazing pictures? a sunset & a teacup! the colors blend so well, the movement of the grasses, the setting of the sun... flowers balancing in a teacup... they are so alive... when i saw them, i had to have them. isn't that how it is with shopping?

the fun thing is that i know the artist. he is a childhood friend of mine, rob thomas. how cool is that? isn't he fabulous?

an incredible fact is that both pieces were completed without using a paint brush. because they are not paintings, per se. that's right... not a drop of paint was used. wanna know what was? scraps of magazines. you read that right. magazines. paper. surprised?

although it's hard to tell from here, every color is comprised of a different word. so all the shading that has been used is from rob spending hours finding just the right words that will fit, the colors that will match and be right for the pictures.

how does he do it? i don't quite know. i tend to believe it's probably a bit more difficult than painting itself... maybe?

i do know rob's been at it - playing around with the artistic side - since about 7th grade. he always was creative and adventurous, willing to try new things and be different. he's still like that today. good thing, too, so we can enjoy his work and wonderful genius.

when i got these pieces framed, the gallery had never seen anything like them and were astonished at the work, intrigued with the time commitment by the artist and joked they'd have to bribe the framer not to read the whole thing to get the job done on time for me. yay....i'd say i have some winners in hand.

happy day.....

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