Friday, June 18, 2010

plant growth

as i managed to kill off two herb plants...finding out that i'd probably been too nice to them... well, let me just insert here that i didn't realize you could be "too nice" to plants. i always thought you had to baby them, talk to them and treat them well. this i have done consistently with all of my plants and have had nothing but success... success to the point of wanting to toss some plants sometimes because they can grow like weeds if you know what i mean. it's not that i'm a green thumb by any stretch either. i think it's just because some plants are very easy care and respond well to the love.

apparently, though, herbs are different. i had posted on facebook that i was growing herbs and no one mentioned i should "ignore" them... let them get dry and essentially underwater them... put them in poor soil and then leave them alone. if i'd only known. but alas, i did not so they got the kiss of death. and i am left with feelings of guilt and shame. dare i try again? i may... because i am not a quitter and now i believe i have the secret key.

so then... the other day, an african violet i've had for many years, just out of the blue, was looking very grim. it, too now, has suffered the very same "kiss." sigh... but this one...

sweet, yes? i received this pretty thing as a gift not long ago and although the flowers are all gone now, it seems to be healthy. i am not ignoring it. it gets my utmost attention and by all appearances is responding well to me.

i am reassured in my ability with plants.

happy day.....

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