Saturday, June 5, 2010


here we're getting ready for a garage sale this weekend. whew... what an incredible amount of work they are!

have you had a garage or yard sale? how do you feel about them? do you enjoy them? look forward to them? do you have them every year or only when you absolutely must? need to clear your calendar for a couple of days for the actual "sale." then you sort, decide what you really don't need anymore, clean, price, organize everything for best advantage, make signs, advertise, tell people, get what you think is going to be plenty of change for purchases, hope for good weather, open for business and then wait for the people to come.

and sometimes they do... in droves... all once. and then nothing. you think the advertising hasn't paid off.

there are those people who show up looking for something specific. if it's not don't have it, they walk away.

then there are those who look and say, "this just spoke to me." they seem pleased with their find. there are those who purchase their item without question. they take what it's been marked, give you the money and they're on their way, grinnin' with a "have a nice day."

and then there are the individuals who enjoy a good, old fashioned barter. isn't that what garage sales are made for anyway? it's part of the fun of the hunt after all, although there are some who might like to have their purchase for free. we did have a good laugh over some particular incidents because there was a "free" box that only one person took advantage of. too funny...

finally, the drive-by's were encountered. these were the individuals who didn't even stop to check out our garage sale at all. they either just pulled up to the driveway for a split second to "glance" at what was set out - thus missing what had been placed into the back yard - and then would go peeling away faster than a speeding bullet because there were better garage sales they had to check out; or they didn't even bother to really pull over... they'd just sort of barely slow down to do a "lookie-lou" and keep on going like they never even were looking in the first place. we decided these people were not quality people if they couldn't have the time of day to stop since we had quality product out for sale. of course, everyone believes that of their own garage sales, don't they?

all in all, it was a successful two days. bigger ticket items sold that we hoped would sell and all the rest was icing on the cake.

now that doesn't have to be done again for another seven years...yay!

happy day.....

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