Thursday, June 17, 2010

planet earth

when you hear "planet earth," what do you think? do your thoughts turn to the magical wonders of beauty and amazement, colors and breathtaking sights you never knew existed? places and vistas you've always wanted to visit but never had the chance to see? or maybe you think of the destruction we humans are wreaking every day on the planet with our carelessness. the way we take our environment for granted. how we believe it will be here forever for us regardless of how we treat it.

would you say you have a passion for the planet? do you get wired up with what earth has to offer us? are you pleased to live here? do you treat earth well or abuse it? are you kind and gentle with it realizing it needs to last for generations to come or do you really never give it thought?

this video is sort of like a planet discovery. it highlights amazing footage of the earth and is astounding in its scope. i hope it captures you... taking you on a journey, and makes you pause for a moment. a moment where you feel passion and appreciation for the incredible home god has given to us... and maybe want to take some action to protect it, treat it well and so enjoy it for years to come.

happy day.....

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