Tuesday, June 29, 2010

more discover earth

okay....so i admit i'm on a "discover earth" kick. i can't help it. i keep finding these really cool clips about our planet, needing to then share them with you. this one is no different you'll agree. it's about frazil ice. have you heard of it? i hadn't either. it is a phenomenon at yosemite national park....and no i've never been there either, darn it! but now i must go to experience this wonder.

according to the video most tourists show up at the park during the summer months and are missing out on really fabulous nature explorations at off times. well, let's face it. typically summer time is when kids are out of school hence vacations are taken then. however if you can swing it, it would sound like february and march can provide even more wonderful highlights. yay... i'm all for that. who cares if it's cold. let's take a look:

so? can you believe the awesomeness of frazil ice? does it not make you want to plan your very next adventure trip right now for yosemite? march 2011! see you there?

happy day.....

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