Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wind blown

the wind was blowing up everything in sight that wasn't nailed down today... skirts, hair, dirt, leaves, pollen - whew...  it was something else.  and then i saw the most intriguing plant.  as per usual, i've no idea what it's called.  perhaps i should walk around with a plant/flower book like one does with birding.  then when i see something, i can stop to look it up.  however, that might take me all day to find it...who idea though, huh?

but i digress - what i saw was some sort of grass i suppose... kind of looked liked wheat maybe blowing in that strong wind?  you can judge for yourself - give it your best guess, let me know what you think or you may know the name of it.  it's not exactly a flower but a cool plant.  diversity is a good thing.  just as in life, diversity is a good thing; it improves us, makes us more tolerant and compassionate, too, in our individual existence.

happy day.....

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