Saturday, September 18, 2010


i was wandering through a local park snapping pictures.  i decided to pick out some of my faves for you... they are random - not having any particular link to each other or meaning any special thing.  the only commonality is my total enjoyment for each of them. 

as i was scrolling through i noticed that most times when i take shots of flowers, i never know their names and sometimes am fascinated with what others might call "weeds."  i may have mentioned this before and don't intend to repeat myself however, i tend to believe that anything with a blossom is pretty and deserves its own 15 minutes of fame, right?  i mean, i'd like my own...why not give it to everything, nature included.  so some of what you see here might indeed be classified as weed-ish i guess.  but to me it doesn't matter.  if there is a petal, i will snap it by my camera for viewing pleasure.

so there you have it.... my randomness for today.  did you notice that i threw in a rock...err, rather a boulder?  haha... if so, good for you - you are quick!  no reason, just a part of the random because i liked it.

happy day.....

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