Wednesday, September 8, 2010

baby dreams

have you wondered about your dreams?  do you remember them when you wake up or have your forgotten them?  what about your children?  do you ever imagine what's going on when they are sleeping?  the things they are dreaming about?

well, one mother has gotten very creative about her child's dreams while she is taking her daily nap.  adele enersen, a new mom from finland, has taken to staging her newborn daughters dreams.  she has created such scenes as "mary had a little lamb" and "the laundry day" to adorable results.  adele uses household objects and, because her daughter is a very sound sleeper, is able to move mila out of her crib and back to pose the pictures.  it is very innovative and will provide mila with a wonderful book when she is older of her mother's imagination and creativity.  

adele has put up a blog called mila's daydreams which she says is her "maternity leave project" and also created an absolutely brilliant video.  what a cool concept.

if you're wondering, the music was done by mila's dad.  a very talented family i'd say. yay...

happy day.....

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