Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 butterfly

so there i was this morning snapping photos and the lady comes out... 'cuz i'd been there for awhile.  okay, i'm somewhat slow with trying to get just the right shot after all.... it's only because i really don't know what i'm doing.  i therefore believe i should take a bazillion pictures just in case one doesn't turn out.  ...sigh  anyway, the lady, comes out thinking i'm from the newspaper.  i had a major giggle over that although, how cool would that be?  i said, "oh no" and proceeded to tell her about this photo journal i've joined and how i was admiring her flowers.

i also told her excitedly that i finally captured a butterfly which i thought i'd never be able to do.  she then smiled at me, said enjoy and rushed back inside because the wind was coming back up in a very big way.

so, of course, i can't let the day go by without sharing my first butterfly.  it's into the sun and flitted away quickly, but i didn't mind at all. 

i figure it's about the little things these days...simple moments.  on a day such as this, when 9 years ago terror struck our nation, for one peaceful moment to have a butterfly land in my presence is a small miracle i will take and embrace as a symbol...  for that's what we have, moments - one after another after another to do with as we will... it's a choice isn't it?  what's your choice?

happy day.....

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Anonymous said...

You take great pictures Linda, I enjoy reading your posts too.

Laurie Rhoton