Tuesday, September 21, 2010

a bird tale

yesterday afternoon the skies began to get overcast with big, billowy clouds.  i grabbed my camera which is so often an extension of my hands these days to see if i could get some good photos.  sometimes i think the sky is really hard to capture especially with a little digital camera like mine.  but i try and one of these days i may find success.

so there i am, scanning the skies - snapping away - and all of a sudden... i see a bird flitting across the clouds, flying very fast.  can i get him?  snap, snap.  i wanted to check but didn't dare...  snap, snap.  i was trying to follow his flight across the clouds as if i was a pro.  i was laughing because of the certainty my camera had in no way kept up.

imagine my surprise then as i was processing the photos and saw my little winged friend...yay!  because of that, there is a little bit of perfection in all of these shots.... for it's his story from beginning -when i hadn't yet seen him - to the end - after i lost him in the trees.

happy day.....

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