Friday, September 17, 2010


i was told that this is a juniper berry tree...  i really have no idea because i've never seen one before and in all honesty?  it looks like an evergreen to me but with blueberries on it.  how would anybody know the difference?  so if it's not a juniper, forgive me.  i'm pleading ignorance here.  i think the "they" in this case was only trying to be nice, not right or wrong.

plus it's not a flower.... yay!  another something different for today.  i'm trying to branch out.  although i'm noticing that things are changing already in preparation for fall.  how that can be, i do not know.  i refuse to acknowledge summer may be coming to an end.  i am not ready. 

for example, i had a doctor appointment yesterday and instead of sandals the nurse was wearing shoes!  gasp.... sigh...  i couldn't believe it - although i admit they were awfully cute shoes.  but....  she agreed, saying simply she  thought she'd give them a go instead.  huh!

well... not me.  no way.... not willing to forgo my sandals or flip flops yet, or my bare feet.  nuh-uh. 

so i'm continuing on my search for lingering flowers to post so we can enjoy them while i chatter on about this and that and you'll have to put up with it for however long...

happy day.....

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