Tuesday, March 29, 2011

stop the tailgating

why are you right on my rear end?  tailgating me?  could you possibly get any closer?

now i know these are geese - but do you ever wonder this with cars?  why they have to get so close to your back bumper you can't see the front end of their car? 

or driving along the road, one minute nothing is behind you - the next - boom!  a vehicle is suddenly there.  right.there.on.your.tail.  really?  where did he come from?  out of nowhere, a car has appeared - going very fast; not slowing down, expecting you to do the same.  and when you don't... well, they believe the closer they get to you, the faster you will go. 


it doesn't work for me.  in fact, quite the opposite.  the closer someone gets to me, the more i have a tendency to want to go more slowly.  it accomplishes nothing.  i get annoyed with the other driver.  did they go through driver's education?  did they learn the "following at a distance" rule?  what about being able to see the back tires of the car in front of you when you stop?  those kinds of tips?  little things but they can work... plus it's simple courtesy - being nice - especially, when you're in a vehicle that can literally be construed as a weapon on a vast tangle of roadway.

so let's be considerate to one another, people.  allow some space - a bit of breathing room, shall we?  stop the tailgating.

happy day.....

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