Monday, March 21, 2011

first robin

when i was at my mom's house a couple weeks ago, she said the sure sign of spring was to see a robin...

today i saw a robin!

to be honest, i didn't think there were robins in colorado... i've not really noticed them before. and this one was only there a moment... i was standing at the bay window in the dining room staring into nothingness - you know how that is, right?  but then i saw a movement... and thought, "self, that is a robin..." and then, "no it's not..." "yes, it is..." (don't ya love how i talk to myself?)

i grabbed my camera fast and got off a few quick shots i was sure were going to be nothing but a blur, especially through the window... all the while continuing to mutter to myself. by this time, gracie was meowing along with me in my excitement and disbelief at the prospect of my potential 'find' for the day.

and look what's happened after all... an honest to goodness robin. in my backyard - perched on the peach tree no less... i don't know if i'll ever see another one. doesn't matter, though. it's that proverbial sign of spring - mom's are right after all!

happy spring...

happy day..... 

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