Thursday, March 24, 2011

seize the moment

so the day began cold and overcast... the sky full of clouds...

and then... suddenly as i was outside snapping some not very impressive photos - ones i didn't think i would really want to use for my online photo journal - i felt the sun trying to break through those clouds... i happened to glance up.

between kind of dark and menacing clouds was this break... a hole beginning to form where the sun was wanting to shine through. i couldn't really see the rays of the sun - and i thought there was no way my little camera could do justice to what i was actually seeing - but i had to give it a go, right? how often do you see a hole in the clouds? or what appears to be a hole? so i snapped and looked and thought... "is that the right setting?" i glanced back up and the clouds had moved. that was my one shot - the hole was gone - just that fast! i should've clicked and clicked and clicked some more and not worried over settings... too late.

so this is what i have - a one shot deal for the day that i still think is pretty cool... because i look at it like this: god opened his heavens for me this day to see a bit of blue sky when the rest was dark and dreary... and for one precious moment i had a joy, joy experience. it doesn't get any better than that!

so be prepared at any time to seize the moment... your moment.  because you don't know when it will be - when it will be presented to you - for how long... be on alert and believe it will happen.  today.  tomorrow.  the next day and plan on god being a part of it.

happy day.....

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