Sunday, March 27, 2011

icy tears and bubbles

spring time in the rockies...  whereas yesterday was warm, windy and sunny - this morning there was snow on the ground; cold, blustery air and a reminder that winter isn't yet over.

additionally, it wasn't quite cold enough for the snow to really stick so there was a lot of dripping... this caused leaves and buds to be encased in ice forming crystal clear teardrops and the neatest bubbles ever...

i stood, looking upon this beautiful sight in wonder realizing that the rose bushes that hadn't had any buds several days ago, now did - and hoped that the ice wouldn't stunt their growth. 

then i grabbed the camera and with puffs of my warm breath hitting cold air, began to snap pictures.  the drips; bubbles of water turned to ice... bubbles stopped in mid-drip looking like tear drops.  trying to capture reflections - knowing i wasn't really doing justice to the created beauty before me, but hoping that maybe i'd strike upon that one shot... the perfect one.  it's not here, but i'm sharing anyway.

happy day.....

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