Wednesday, March 16, 2011

here duckies...

the little girl was running here and there - her laughter pealing forth in glorious tones as she chased geese and ducks... they were not amused with her antics.

she then jumped up on this boulder and twirled about; yelling for more "duckies" - much to her parents dismay. i admit to laughing with her for she was just too cute for words even though i knew she was startling "my" geese. i figured it would be short lived... and since i was at a distance, her parents couldn't see my reaction to her delight. let children be children and relish in simple pleasures. she was only on the boulder for a moment before jumping off again and running down the path... her mother looked positively frazzled.

i think it was meant to be a peaceful outing.

i enjoyed it.

happy day.....

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