Tuesday, May 4, 2010

word power

words are powerful. the spoken word is especially capable of having an impact. they can build you up. they can break you down. we are all vulnerable to the words that are spoken to us. from the moment we take our first breath. written words speak to us as well and are just as valuable. they can touch our hearts in unmeasurable ways.

don't you find it important to get encouragement and hope from each other? to be positive, to say good things, reflecting our inner beauty and strength? empower our lives instead of tearing them apart with senselessness. embrace goodness so we can be role models for those who are coming after us?

i believe this can be accomplished in both the spoken and written word.

this is a short movie i think you can't miss seeing. it's a love story at heart but also speaks to word power... it's called "validation" and the importance of it in ones life. it's the story of a man trying to make one sad girl happy. well worth the 16 minutes it will take you to watch it.

happy day.....

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