Tuesday, May 18, 2010

black & white

so i've found a couple of apps to take photos in black & white and have been playing around with them as opportunities present themselves.

one is vintage black & white. it's quite awesome and i used it to capture this shot of gracie the other day. don't you think it turned out pretty crisp and shows off her markings quite well?

sometimes i like black and white better than color. it's simple. your eye can be drawn in to just one focused object. plain and pure.

the other app is oldcamera. i haven't experimented with this one yet but it, too, is point and click with easy developing and saving. i'm hoping it will have a clear look as well but older.

what would be nice with both of these is if they had borders around them like the old polaroids used to have to really show true vintage style. that would really be cool wouldn't it? or some way to show age or fraying around the corners and/or edges? there may be a way to do that with options that i haven't found yet since i haven't checked the apps out fully so don't mark my word that isn't a possibility.

for now, i'm having a fun time knowing i have the ability when i'm out and about to take color or black & white photos, or both. all in one gadget, with the push of a button.

happy day.....

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