Saturday, May 29, 2010

the human spirit

as we approach this memorial day, take a moment to reflect on the ability of the human spirit to overcome... to achieve... to move on from what most would think are insurmountable odds.

war is ugly. war seems very unnecessary. for those who serve our country, war is a job they do with pride. they give it their all and usually ask for nothing in return. the war in iraq pulls on the emotions of all of us taking us in many directions with the havoc it has created. for the young man in this photo, it changed his life forever.

he became the first quad amputee. in an odd twist, the same bomb that blew off his limbs also saved his life. it was so hot, it instantly cauterized his wounds. now recovering at walter reed, he's learning to use prosthetics while planning out the rest of his new life. he also met a new love in kate. and he's approaching all of it with a smile on his face and an unshakable attitude of gratefulness to be alive. truly remarkable.

meet brendan; be inspired... be thankful we have these kinds of individuals protecting our country.

happy day.....

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