Saturday, May 1, 2010

flowering cactus

for years my mother had a christmas cactus that belonged to my grandmother - her mother. it was a beautiful red...glorious when in bloom every christmas. and she had the amazing ability to make those blooms last for months on end.

i always imagined growing up, having my own cactus and enjoying the flowers for a long time, too.

but... i grew up.... got my own plants.... they bloomed once.... the flowers lasted about a week and then.... yup, you guessed it. the end! no more blooms.

no matter what i did, i couldn't make them last longer or the following years have them bloom again. i was so disappointed. this resulted in many phone calls to my mom to find out what her secret was.... the magic touch she used.... the formula, so i could enjoy my childhood desire. alas, she didn't know. maybe it just had something to do with grandma's plant.

but then this year, something truly amazing happened. i noticed that one of my christmas cactus plants had buds on it. and not just one or two buds like in past years. plentiful buds. then i saw that another one had buds, too. and a third. whoo-hoo! i was in christmas cactus heaven. they all bloomed and the blooms lasted into january.

then.... the really miraculous occurred. when i thought the blooms were done, they kept on.... and on.... and on.... to this very day.

that bloom pictured was just taken today! isn't that something? it's may 1! i'm enjoying my childhood desire.

happy day.....

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