Sunday, May 30, 2010

got milk?

cat's are the just the funniest creatures on the planet. i'm just sayin'.

i have shared pictures of my kittie, gracie, on this blog so you know that she is precious to me. she also brings me many hours of laughter by her many antics. sometimes i just don't know what possesses her.

for instance, the other day i was drinking a glass of milk with my breakfast. anytime i drink milk it is like grace has this sixth sense. she just knows and comes trotting out from wherever she is to stand by me. i mean does the scent of milk go wafting through the house? and then she'll stand there... waiting until i am done. looking up at me... ever so patiently to put down the glass for her. do your kitties do this? sometimes she will even meow at me as if to say, "well, come on... are you finished yet?"

then when i put the glass down for her, she'll knock it over, reach a paw in and begin to lick out the remaining milk. it is simply too funny. the first time gracie did this, she was a kitten. i thought it was the cutest thing but that gracie would eventually outgrow it. fortunately that hasn't happened.

happy day.....

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