Thursday, January 13, 2011

winter textures

warmer temperatures mean it's easier to get out and about...  today there were a lot of runners, walkers and bikers around.  made me want to let my toes out of my shoes to enjoy the sunshine... but i didn't since snow was still on the ground.  i figured it would be a stretch.  however, i do plod around the house in full tootsie freedom....can't help myself.

with camera in hand, i took some experimental shots this afternoon.  i decided it was time to venture out of my comfort zone and try for something new... play around with landscape a little bit even though it is not my forte and i might say it scares me some.  it shouldn't but... what can i say?  there are those who have a definite skill for taking wonderful landscape pictures.  they can capture a scene, the colors, the shadows just so.  me? not so much.  i see it with the naked eye, i frame it with my camera but then once i'm processing it, something seems to happen...

but today... well, i'm more pleased with my effort.  perhaps it's the way the sun was shining - or the time of day - or god was having favor with me... whatever the case, i am encouraged enough to actually publish this one for all to see. 

and to try again another day to see what wonders nature may have in store for me to behold.

happy day.....

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