Monday, January 24, 2011

squirrels and choosing...

there were many squirrels out playing today... they were not mindful of the weather - that it was cold, it was windy or slightly overcast.  they were only interested in running about. 

once they saw me, it became a game in how to outdo one another - jumping about, climbing the trees, doing funny little tricks to capture my attention... running up very close to my feet and then running away very fast.  squirrels are smart creatures.  watchful, alert, on guard but playful and living in the moment...  they are creative and imaginative...  they have to be in order to survive the elements.

we are a lot like them - or is that they are a lot like us?  in our everyday we need to be watchful and alert, on guard yet creative and imaginative in how we live our lives, how we choose to be.  life is full of pitfalls, challenges and struggles but i like to remain positive; empowered by the strength of my faith - knowing i can be bolstered by living in the moment - in the now - and not give anything away.  

sometimes it is the simple things, small moments, pleasures and enjoyments we need to take advantage of and choose more of in our day-to-days.  it's funny how it sometimes can take squirrels to get you to think... make you wonder... have you ponder...  what do you choose?

happy day.....

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