Friday, January 7, 2011

flying low....

i admit it.... i've been on a ducky mission these last days... but you must agree - they are amazing whether on the ground or in flight... as this one is... actually, this poor fella was trying desperately to get away from me. 

i really was approaching quietly but the other ducks around me were doing their incessant squawking and honking - so who can be quiet around that?  they all had no fear at all on this day, gathering around me as though i was a sudden best friend but all i had was my camera doing its slight beep and click. 

i was just about to capture this one when he spread his wings - i was only a foot away from him, ever so close to have those gentle wings open in front of me.... i was so startled i nearly dropped my camera.  by the time i recovered, i knew the shot would be out of focus and probably no good... in reality it turned out not so bad at all... i think the slight blurring adds to the effect, especially since there's still snow on the ground. 

the story, too, makes up for any's how life is - how things happen when we least expect them, right?  and then we just go with it - hoping for the best... flying low, under the radar maybe because the least disruption from us or in our lives is most preferable.  we are funny creatures that way...  sometimes i like to fly low - coast along... other times i believe it's best to fly smack into life full force regardless of the disruption. how about you?

happy day.....

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