Thursday, October 21, 2010

sunburst and barista

found a stray flower i thought was the coolest looking thing....

although temperatures are dipping into the 40's at night, blossoms are continuing to hang on...yay!  i don't know what this is but obviously took liberties with some editing.

then on my way home, i stopped at a local coffee shop - drive through because i was feeling lazy - to order a tea.  while waiting, the barista got to chatting about apples of all things.  he asked me if i knew who was the greatest apple planter and i guessed johnny appleseed...of course being correct.  here's the rub, though.  apparently, johnny didn't plant regular apple seeds as we know them.  he planted mainly crab apples that were then used to make apple cider.  isn't that an interesting tidbit?  i love apple cider and this time of the year is perfect for it.  the chill in the air and with apple picking and harvest, makes you think of bobbing for apples, too.  i remember once seeing apples go through a huge press for apple yum!  i may have to buy some.

the barista was a cutie, had this great gap-toothed smile and since i had my camera with me, asked if i could shoot his picture for my blog....said it would be great to put it up with this story.  he grinned saying "sure."

happy day.....

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