Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dandelions's been cold the past few days.  and there's snow on the peak...a sure sign that winter is around the corner, sweater weather is finally here and the time for my tootsies to remain free in their flip flops is drawing to a close.

but imagine my surprise as i was out running a few errands today and came across this little gem....

...a dandelion!  aren't they only around in the spring time?  i couldn't believe seeing it stretching it's head toward the sun - and all by itself, too.  no other dandelions around to keep it company...just the one. 

i've always seen other pictures of them but had never taken my own before.  it made my day to see the little puff ball patiently waiting for me to go snap, snap so i could add it to my portfolio.  yay!

happy day.....

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I was here.