Tuesday, October 26, 2010

signs of spring?

i spotted signs of spring today... yes, even though we're in the midst of fall.  i had to laugh.  for i thought these little bugs were only out mostly in the spring time but i've been wrong before.  and then i wondered...maybe they aren't the bugs i think they are after all... you see they're green, not red... huh?

green lady bugs?  i always thought that lady bugs were red.  right?  but these are green.  they look just like red lady bugs but perhaps they're a different sort of beadle.  hmmmm....  i suppose i could've googled it to see because that's what people do these days with all that's out there on the information highway.  but i decided not to... to let it stand...believing in my mind that green can be red.

see what you might believe...

aren't they just the cutest little bugs?  whether actual lady bugs or not, watching them navigate the flower petals together was a fun site to behold.

happy day.....

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