Friday, October 8, 2010

sink singing

i thought since the weather has started to cool down, that gracie was over her little escapades in the bathroom sink.  apparently not.  the other night i heard a thump, thump - went to investigate and found her turning around in circles in the bowl... not sure if she was looking for something or expecting something to happen or what.  grace stayed there for about 10 minutes before jumping out.

this morning i heard the same thump, thump.  i grabbed my camera on the way to check it out.  there was gracie, head down, rear end up in the sink.  when i asked her what she was doing, she just looked at me like i should know better.  uh-huh!

i started snapping away which didn't bother her any.  grace did her little dance of turning around and around in the bowl again - looking up to the ceiling, looking left, looking right and then it appeared that she was going to jump out.  during this whole time i, of course, was giggling....okay - it was more likely snorting.... i couldn't help myself.  it's not like it was hot outside.  it was downright chilly this morning.  anyway before i knew it gracie had planted herself into a sit down position and was looking around again.  and then, i managed to snap this...

she was singing a new song...  i depressed the camera button, started to laugh... and then she jumped right out of that sink!

happy day.....

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