Thursday, January 19, 2012

poinsettia lives on...

...after being stagnant for years - new life has sprung

on the pink poinsettia plant... 

and i'm ashamed to say... i'd neglected it somewhat.  it used to be in my office and hadn't done well - that is to say i practically killed it off... so i clipped it and put it in water and it's been like that forever.  sigh - sometimes it's just what we do, right?

it's hung on that way - with little leaves growing every now and then over the last couple of years - but that's it... just tiny little leaves. looking rather pitiful and forlorn... yet, i've not had the heart to throw it away.

then today - i looked and did a double take... for there it looks like it's an actual blossom forming... don't ya think? the leaves are colored - which hasn't been the case since i first bought it.  i'm so doing the hippy - happy dance... i immediately began oohing and aahing over it and speaking softly to it - to encourage it, you know... can't hurt - i do talk to all my plants but figure now is the time for this one to get some extra special caring.

a new bud - new life - new beginnings... wonderful to see on a winter day in january... so grateful for its appearance.

happy day.....

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