Saturday, January 14, 2012

homemade vanilla extract

it's all about vanilla -

...with just 2 ingredients

i discovered that it's the easiest thing ever to make homemade vanilla extract... and i love vanilla... all things vanilla

...vanilla ice cream
...vanilla candles
...vanilla pudding
...vanilla milk shakes
...vanilla-scented body wash

if it has vanilla in it, chances are very good i will like it - perhaps even love it... without a doubt.  vanilla has a warm, comforting essence - it's sensual while being earthy, yet also makes one feel as though they've arrived home upon smelling it... seeing those little vanilla bean specks brings great joy to me.

some people believe that vanilla is bland - boring - ordinary... they have such a total misperception...

all i needed to do was split open these wonderful organic vanilla beans - and the aroma that enveloped me was overwhelming... i found myself almost drooling - and just about wanted to bathe in it...

however - i digress from the fact that making your own extract requires but 2 ingredients: the fragrant vanilla bean and a good quality vodka... as well as only 3 easy steps...

you split the beans length-wise (3-4 of them) - put them into a small, sterilized bottle (a 4 ounce sized one)... cover to the top with the vodka - that's it.

then you only need to have the patience to allow it to steep for 5 or 6 weeks... shaking once a week... (and refill with the vodka after every use) - it will be a forever extract for you... how cool is that? and much cheaper than store bought.  i should add that the longer you can wait, the more potent the extract will get - so if you're able to last a full 12 weeks before using the precious elixir... the wait will be well worth it.

happy day.....

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