Wednesday, January 25, 2012

the 3 stooges

i love geese... they are some of the funniest creatures on the planet.  they honk and make a fuss at each - you really have no idea what's going on because they're just gathered around when the honking begins out of nowhere...  of course, they honk in mid-air too to announce their arrival - to let you know they're landing somewhere - in addition to communicating with each other.  they play chase amongst themselves - racing around in water as well as on land... they have absolutely no manners when it comes to eating and will waddle around with grasses hanging from their beaks - not caring what they look like - even though i do tell them to wipe their mouths.  but they are also smart, tenacious, caring and compassionate birds... they protect the little ones in summer, guiding them to safety as necessary - teaching all the while...  my camera has given me a whole new perspective and appreciation of the goose.

as i was visiting a nearby park the other day, a flock of geese came zooming in overhead...  fast and furious - they were honking instructions to each other - trying to balance as they landed on the frozen lake.  it wasn't until i processed the photos that i saw this set - immediately thinking of the 3 stooges.  when you see geese coming in, getting ready to land - their legs do come down like landing gear -  the whole body gets sort of wobbly and shaky... it's a true wonder they don't just topple over it appears so awkward.  however they remain upright; graceful most of the time - with feathers lost and the honking becomes a loud cacophony to the ears...

landings are successful - even if ducks are an interloper every now and then!

happy day.....

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