Friday, July 1, 2011


are you needing some hope today? 

i receive a variety of messages through my email every day... from a myraid of people that i know.  sometimes, as with all emails we get, i briefly scan and then delete, paying very little attention to them.  admit it... you do this very same thing, don't you?  wishing your inbox was a bit less full?  you had more hours in the day and that your time was more valuable than sitting going through all the messages?  i know, i know...

but then... there's the one - that golden one where you sit back and go "ahhhh..."  that's good.  really good.  and you know you should share it... pass it on.  because there's a message therein needing to be spread, right?

this is how it was for me today; except i knew if i passed it along via another email - well, let's face it...  chances are, it would get deleted... passed over... missed!  i couldn't let that happen.  so i've chosen instead to post it here.  for everyone to see and hear.  for it's a song.  i don't believe that it was originally intended to inspire the kind of hope i'm talking about or alluding to... but i don't believe that matters.  just sit back... turn up the volume on your speakers and give a listen to mandy moore sing "only hope" to you...

what is your hope?  how do you find hope day after day when it seems like there's so little in the world... or bad things continue to happen... or there's so much negativity in the news or on the television? 

i'll tell you... god is my hope these days.  he is the same yesterday, today and forever - and that gives me a confidence and calm.  without him, i'm just not sure what i'd do... plus, the fact he gave his son for me - that solidifies my hope in him.  might you need that kind of hope today?  lift your arms and pray... he will listen - and give you the hope you're looking for... "for god so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

happy day.....

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