Saturday, July 9, 2011

bird on a mission

i saw a bird today...  i didn't even have to stalk him - he flew right to me

then i realized he was on a mission

paying no never mind to me - he went hip hopping right in front of me towards his goal

reaching down... he grabbed hold with its beak (he was mere inches from me)

mission accomplished... as he came up with the target intact. 

the whole time, this little fellow was so totally focused on his goal - his mission - nothing else was allowed to interfere.  he had his mind set on one task...knowing the steps he had to take to accomplish it and nothing was going to get in his way.  he showed such determination and strength... no fear.

it is exactly how we are as human beings, right?  we know those things we need to get done - the tasks set before us... the goals we set for ourselves...  be they large or small... of great importance or not.  without a goal, a task, a purpose what would your everyday be like?  aren't our every day's filled with little missions, too?  and we only need to figure out how we're going to accomplish those missions?  i'm going to go for it like my birdie friend:  with planning and focus and fortitude...

happy day.....

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