Tuesday, November 30, 2010

talking geese

the weather was beautiful today...warm and sunny.  as i was making my home after a mid-day appointment, i was driving by the park and happened to glance over and saw geese just lining the grounds.  hmmmm.... i thought to self.  what a wonderous opportunity for photos.  i wondered how close they might allow me to get to them.  so in i drove and parked.  at first, they seemed fine but i was keeping my distance being pretty passive.  as i moved closer, they got a bit restless but still appeared okay so snap, snap.

then suddenly, they began this quick line up to march away.  it was so funny to watch.  they didn't go in a flock...they literally lined up in a single file, heads bobbing as they waddled away from me as fast as could be.  but not before i'd captured some pretty decent shots.

and then i heard the honking - immediately overhead and the swooping began.  in waves... wave upon wave for about 10 minutes they came.  in big formations and smaller formations, a site to behold.  do you know how difficult it is to capture moving geese even though they are rather large birds?  but i think i did okay with them... i was fascinated with how they moved, the lines they kept, how they all seemed to have their place within their bird-community.  it was fun to observe these geese patterns today on the ground and in flight if only for a very small moment in time.

see the fun...

happy day.....

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