Thursday, November 25, 2010

give thanks

today is a day of giving thanks...  why just one day?  why not every day?  i think we should set aside moments of our every day to be grateful for what we have - as human beings, as americans...  to be thankful and to say thank you to those that matter... for what we have, for those we know, for the things we have. 

i was driving through the city the other day running errands and was at a stop light.  i happened to look up at the sky because it was starting to cloud up a bit and this is what i saw...

it reminded me then and now today how grateful and relieved i am, that i can worship freely in this country and proclaim unabashedly of the love i have for jesus and his saving grace for me.  for that, i am very thankful.

i am also thankful for...
  • a loving family
  • a multitude of friends
  • those who freely give of themselves to protect our country
  • church family
  • god's provision for me
  • god being far better to me than he has to be
  • holy scripture - that i can openly read every day
  • nature
the list could go on and on...  i need to remind myself to be filled with gratitude always...  "...give thanks in all circumstances, for this is god's will for you in christ jesus."  1 thess 5:18  it will help to set my day - and yours too if you so choose to view it that way.  that would be my prayer for you this thanksgiving day...

here is a small piece of creation specially designed for you this day... flowers are one more thing i am thankful for...

happy day.....

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