Sunday, March 17, 2013

beaver sighting... my little lake today

was it expected? - no

was i excited? - you bet!

in fact, i believe i let out a medium-sized squeal - in addition to a mini-version of the happy skippy dance - i was in public after all...

common talk 'round the lake has always held to the truth - the resident beaver only comes out at night or dusk hours - maybe also very early morning time before the sun has fully risen. i was out in full daylight - so was quite surprised to see him.  in fact, thought he was a log at first until i spotted his cute little ears - and swore there was a blinking eye... then all bets were off regarding the log.  i began trying to sweet talk mr. beaver to come closer so we could chat a while.  well, he wasn't having much of that - kept slithering to and fro in the water - very gracefully i might add considering how big he was... i had no idea beavers grew to be so long! plus in the water - they appear to be ink spots if you're not looking closely - paying attention. although he didn't indulge me to come close, i knew he was listening to me - those brown eyes were blinking away - i felt privileged to be around him...

in spite of him moving so rapidly through the water, i was able to get a pretty decent shot.  although i admit when an animal is moving quickly - in the water no less - it's a challenge to capture them in focus - facing you... at least i was able to get him making eye contact with me -

proves my point he was he was listening to my chatter - or maybe he was simply making sure i wasn't going to jump in after him! 

happy day.....

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