Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the iris...

an iris is a beautiful flower... today i was playing around with the petals and processing - with colors which are fabulous and iridescent - an abstract showed up...

then i became interested regarding irises in general... here's what i found

fun facts about the iris:

  • it takes its name from the greek word for a rainbow... due to the many varieties of colors throughout the species
  • there are between 260 - 300 species
  • the most common garden variety is the german bearded iris
  • dried rhizomes (stems) are given whole to babies to help in teething
  • iris essential oil today is used as a sedative
  • van gogh painted several famous pictures of irises
  • iris rhizomes can contain asorbic acid
  • those same rhizomes can also be toxic
i'm constantly fascinated by flowers... how they continue providing us with visual interest - artistic interest - inspiration of all sorts... as well as medicinal purposes...

don't be surprised either, that all of these interpretations were created via one shot of the same purply blue iris... it's no wonder van gogh was inspired!

happy day.....

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