Sunday, April 22, 2012

earth week

we all know how important it is to protect the earth...  take steps in "going green" - make a statement - preserve energy - whatever you can to prolong our time on the planet... enhance the environment.  some might say it's a bunch of hooey - won't make much difference either way... using paper or plastic, who cares?  reuse, recycle, reduce - it's all too much trouble... what's your perspective?  do you feel bad when you hear a bird has died - because it got tangled up in a plastic bag?  or how about landfills that are close to overflowing - and soon we'll have nowhere to dump our trash.

i ran across this video - was stunned by the beauty of god's creation... the fact is, this planet was given to us to take care of... protect, nurture, build up - not destroy and break down.  might this inspire you to walk a few extra blocks or car pool?  ask for paper or use a canvas bag for groceries... versus plastic?  look...

be wowed!  be reminded of how awesome planet earth really is... of what a privilege it is for us to live here every day - the responsibility we have to take care of our planet.  be inspired to do something - no matter how small... because small counts!  if we all did small - it would add up to something extraordinarily big!!

happy day.....

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