Saturday, December 3, 2011

playing with collages

playing around with editing of pictures... i found that i can make collages.  this is probably a feature that's been available for quite some time in the particular software i use... you know how it goes though - until you have some free extra minutes to tool around, you really don't know exactly what all is there... for you to take advantage of.  once you do find it then - look out - all of a sudden... time stands still - you play and the next time you glance up thinking perhaps half an hour has floated past... it's been a couple of hours... jeesh... how does that happen?

fun, though... to know it exists - is fairly easy and user friendly to walk through, too.  especially since i'm no computer genius and high tech lingo would not be appreciated.  so here's the results of my efforts... taken at a couple of the lakes around the city that i frequent to visit my fair flighted friends...

geese and ducks enjoying a sunny day

variations of a christmas cactus

duck coming in to land not anticipating ice
 i admit i'm pleased with the overall finished pictures... and will play in this editing venue again.

happy day.....

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