Saturday, June 4, 2011

catch me if you can...

have you ever tried to catch a ladybug?  on purpose?  with intent?

they move fast... very fast...  especially when they have no desire of being paid any attention.  i came across this little one...

and then it became a game of cat and mouse... as he grew aware that i wanted to get him on film.  well, okay.  perhaps that's a stretch - but definitely he knew that something was up... i had my eye on him.

take a look...

going off the edge

playing hide and seek

jumping into oblivion

however most all my shots were merely blurs... as i attempted to keep up.  i really had hoped to get some wing action but surprisingly, he didn't try to fly away... being content to remain on the leaves and blades of grass. 

i don't even know if it was a "he"... how do you know if a ladybug is a he or she?  and why are they called lady?  and in the uk, they call them ladybirds.  boo!  why might that be?  different countries, different cultures... but we all see the same things and are fascinated by the same intriguing colors, shapes, movements and habits of nature, aren't we?

it all continues to make for a

happy day.....

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